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Tube benders

JCEE s.r.o. provides sales and service of bending and forming machines by CSM for Czech and Slovak republic. CSM is a world-wide producer of tube benders with 25 years tradition. Their products are used in automotive, aviation, chemical, energy and furniture industries.

Range of products consists of tube benders from single axis hydraulic up to fully electric 3Dbenders with a double bending head. There are also symmetric benders for furniture industry, machine for forming of tube ending and machines for dividing and riveting of tubes.

Automatická ohýbačka CNC 65 TBRE-RBE s nástrojem pro zakružování trubek. CNC 65 TBRE-RBE bender

Variability of versions of individual machines fulfills requirements of users for usage in piece production and small-quantity production, and is reliable and applicable for repeatable processes in big scale production. 

 CNC 30 EMR bender with double bending head 

Machines are controlled by industrial computer with operating system Windows which allows fast and synoptic programming and safe storage of data. Part of the programming software is a 3D simulation of the tube bending, where it is possible to graphically check accuracy of data input before the process starts. The program displays sequence of tube bending process and movements of individual machine parts. Another useful tool especially for complex products is a control of collision situations which checks the correctness of the technical procedure of bending and reveals eventual collisions of materials with parts of the machine.


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